modules we can build

Contact Dankedout415 at gmaildot com for custom Serge panels built to order:

serge modules we can build:
Pulse Divider & Logic
Dual R6VCA
Triple Comparator (2″)
Dual Comp (1″)
Bi- Directional Router (2″)
Dual Router(1″)
Quad Router(1″)
73EG (3″ or 2″)
73 Filter
Phaser & Mixers
Stereo Output Mixer (4″)
Programmer Sequencer (any amount of stages)
MIX (1″)
Dual Mix(2″)
Adapters (1″)
We can build any available CGS PCB to match your serge system.
Master Divider
Cv Cluster
Gated Comp
Sub Osc
Tube VCA
Analog Switch Matrix
Slope Detector
Weighted Random Switch
Quad Logic Gate
Modulo Magic
Infinite Melody
Sequential Switch
CV Cluster

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6-8 week turn around for custom panels! Swamped ! (thats actually good news)

3 week turn around for factory panels , New Store page is live with panels in stock. Paypal buttons to follow.
(even better news)

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What we offer

If you plan to build your self/just need a panel, please don’t ask me questions about the functionality of the modules. All your questions can be answered by reading

If you want me to build for you, Please feel free to ask me questions about the functionality of the modules.

This website exists to help communicate to & organize The Church Of The Super Serge workshop which happens @ Robotspeak on Haight st. every 3rd saturday of the month. 12:00pm to 6:00pm with FREE performance at 2:00pm every meeting.
remaining 3rd Saturdays this year:
5/18/2013, 6/15/2013, 7/20/2013, 8/17/2013, 9/21/2013, 10/19/2013, 11/16/2013, 12/21/2013

Some people from out of town have found us and purchased some completed Synths from us as well as Panels with populated PCBs. That kind of love is gratefully accepted as support for the Cause / Tithing for The Church Of The Super Serge.
For those of you reading this from out of town I strongly urge you to make a pilgrimage to the Church Of The Super Serge Workshop for the performances, as we are quickly becoming a school of Serge patching via our FREE in store performances & casual post performance jam /sessions.

What We offer:

Serge Panels
Factory Made Serge panels $100- ( If you would like to attend The workshop @ Robotspeak Contact Steve & buy a Panel)

If you just want a panel / dont want to solder at the store / dont need help, you can get one from me.

Custom Etched Serge panels $250- We will produce custom etched Serge panels but only including the modules represented in our catalog & with 70s Panel art. So by “custom” that means Custom selection of modules.

If you need super creative customization (modules not on the catalog or modified layouts) I can do that but It will cost an additional $100- for design and consultation driving the final cost of the etched panel up to $350- (recommended for rock stars only)

We will no longer provide uni/individual 4u panels for new members/ I don’t want to start any more systems that will require me to etch every module as I go. Just trying to limit my interactions with the chemicals after over a year of practically eating aluminum for lunch. Of course I will honor the Uni panel boats that have already been started and help complete them. Also if you just need to fill a space next to a Serge panel / add a module to your suitcase we can do Uni for that no problem.

If you buy a panel from Steve & Don’t need me to populate the PCBs for you, you can buy them from, Source your own parts & build your self. The Panel will work as your ticket / pass to solder in the back room of the store for the days of the workshop. Be warned, If you populate the boards your self We are not obliged to De-bug for you & ****** CGS PCB ASSEMBLY IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS****
This option is recommended for the seasoned SDIYers only
The Circuit Masta Kev may fix your self populated PCBs for a price if the board you hand him is not too much of a mess / completely destroyed. Whatever he charges for debugging would be between you and him.

Populated CGS/ Serge PCBs
I populate and test PCBs for the workshop. The idea is once you have a panel you can buy populated PCBs from me & wire them your self at the workshop. We can teach you how to wire no problem.

A person can buy one populated PCB per month or get them all at once. So please do not feel that we are trying to lock you in by selling you a Serge panel. No locking, only helping.

Also if you want to learn some DIY but dont want life to be too much of a challenge I can potentially only populate the advanced PCBs for you & you can go about building the Peak & Trough, Dual Voltage Processors/ Mixers your self If you like, but you would have to source your own parts & PCBs for those.

Either way, Proceed “at your own pace as pocket books allow”.

The Populated PCBs from me are guaranteed to work. If it doesn’t for you upon first wiring. I will take it home and fix it for ZERO extra cost.

If you make (PAPERFACE!) or source your own panel & buy the populated PCBs from me, you are also welcome to solder at the store on the day of the workshop. BOCGS panel owners welcome. / as long as you buy one or the other from us we will make a space for you in the soldering dungeon.

Completed Serge Synth Panels / Ready to play
Just want to buy one ?
We will build the whole thing for you, 4 week turn around. Im giving out low quotes but will only honor them for the rest of 2013. Contact me at the email at the bottom of this post for a ready to play panel.

A custom job (one that does not use a factory panel) would of course be subject to the Price list & etched Panel fees.

More modules will be added to the price list soon enough, More panels will be added to the factory line up.
dankedout415 at gmail dot com

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Here she is the first in a series of factory produced MetalPhoto quality aluminum anodized, satin finished panels !
Only $100- ! To go with your Legit CGS/ SERGE PCBs of course !
contact dankedout415 at gmail dot com

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What and Why Paperface ?

_jun 16th is on the way !

_If you are asking “What is a Paperfaced Serge ?” No need to feel embarrassed or worry that your synth game isn’t up to par. You are not alone. The Paperfaced Serge is the black sheep of synthesizer history. Locked under stair ways for 40 years. The rebel of them all, called upon by those who know and love it as “The People’s Synthesizer”.

_The first Serge modular synths were sold as kits, built in workshops and were designed to be affordable multi function synthesis workstations. Every module having more than one or two uses.

Often donning psychedelic punk rock collaged front panels instead of something that looks like it cost a million bucks. Pretty much the original Synth DIY community. As this was on the west coast the Serge systems had banana jacks and 4u high panels.

_In its hey day one Serge system was taken on a boat in the SF Bay while activists dropped speakers in the water and patched whale sounds to lure the whales out of the bay trying to protect them from industrial ships. Sadly after educating and artistically liberating so many The People’s Synthesizer and Serge systems in large would be all but forgotten in the coming digital age.

_One of Serge’s many innovations was the Serge Panel a 7″ tall by 17″ wide aluminum panel with a 1″ center hole to center hole grid of 1/4″ holes all the way across the panel. Uniform. Panels are expensive ! Metal is not exactly craft paper. So they crafted panel art from paper and covered it with mylar. If a hole wasn’t used it got covered by the paper. Since in 73 these were usually built by the owner and in most cases the owner being some one artistic. Some original models still have the amazing and cryptic collaged panel art done in the 70s and 80s.

_Though Serge eventually ditched the Paper faced art for more professional looking metal panels, many synth diyers continue to collage their panels using a variety of methods including mylar and lamination.

A rebuilt panel by Ken Stone with a new layer of paper.

Photos from

Are you wondering about the strange hieroglyphic looking shapes and patterns yet ?

The shapes all have a meaning. to help people patch at a glance. Instead of using the part of your brain that does the reading.

I have re drawn several of these original panel designs. Mine place the jacks towards the bottom of the panel and add mods.

When I need to make a panel for my self. I normally use a process that involves Acid etching, painting and sanding sheet aluminum.

_This process is not easy to learn and panels never come out perfect for me this way. May be a couple of  lost letters here and there from over etching. Often panels have blemishes. Ive gotten them to look pretty good and accepted the rustic look as part of the charm.

_Im working on a new etching system that may get these near perfect but no promises (blotting acid with q-tip instead of submersing). These are 1/16″ thick and are rigid. They were cut in a metal shop. I’m real happy with them.

_I know that people are not yet hip to what a paper faced synth is so I will be offering Etched panels for this workshop.


_I will also have blank pre tapped panels and paper prints so If you want to Paperface your module you can do that. My guess is that with awareness growing more people will want to build accurate replicas.

_If you are asking “Why individual panels ?” The individual panels make it more affordable for me as the workshop organizer and I feel that it breaks down the anxiety of building a whole Serge panel / system at once. For musicians new to SDIY these circuits should work as confidence boosters rather than daunting tasks. With our help. One little circuit at a time makes things nice and easy.

_I think that by placing the RS logo with the words CGS workshop Eddition 2012 it says exactly what the module is.

Its not a restored vintage museum piece.

Its not built by the world’s Only 30 year strong Serge builders STS.

This is a limited edition long discontinued 1973 Serge VCF built by us on Haight st. In summer 2012.  A historical event to celebrate our rich Lower Haight musical history. Commemorated in the panel.

There will be only 20, 1973 VCF with the RS logo and they will be built by the participants of the workshop for their own personal systems.

Join Us!




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Circuits OldSchool Analog !

We aim to bring you Individual West coast style modules in 4u format. Yes individual modules 4u high with banana jacks!

100% hand built in San Francisco California for exclusive retail by

Specifically We will be building batches of modules from Ken Stone’s line of CGS PCBs including his official Serge licensed Designs.

We can do custom builds too.

All this Very soon !!



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